These are often also commonly called Christenings. In the Baptism service, parents and godparents publicly make statements of their own faith in God, and make promises that they will bring the child up in the Christian faith within the family of the church.

Before baptism we will want you to attend a Sunday morning service on three occasions beforehand. After the first occasion, Peter, the Vicar, will visit you in your home to explain the meaning of baptism using a short video and to answer any questions you have.

Baptisms take place in the main Sunday Service (11 am at St Matthew or 10.30 am at St James) when it will be an integral part of the worship.

There is no 'fee' for the service although you may wish to make a donation through the collection in the baptism service. If you wish to know more, please contact Peter Nunn, email: or phone 01772 794312 to arrange to see him.

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